Zine Ghediri

Administrative Reviewer in the Department of Labor Law for the Government of Quebec.

Zine Ghediri - Administrative Reviewer

Zine Ghediri was born in Algeria and graduated from Nice University with a master’s degree in International Law. In 2009, he moved to Montreal, Quebec, Canada, where he currently resides with his wife.

Presently, Zine works for the Government of Quebec as an Administrative Reviewer in the Department of Labor Law. He strongly believes that his in-depth experience working in both the private and public sector has greatly benefitted his career path to date.

What I enjoy most about working in the public sector is that it gives me the opportunity to help citizens become familiar with and accustomed to the social and political structure of society. For example, I often help clients understand complex labor law concepts, so that they see how the government is establishing and enforcing fair work practices. I also thoroughly enjoy the aspect of my job that involves interpreting and applying labor law.

Like many professionals, my daily work experience is largely influenced by the volume and type of emails that I receive. Aside from that, my job involves quite a bit of file reading, since before anything can be processed it must be analyzed, and any data that is missing or incorrect must be addressed. Once that is complete and we have all of the information necessary, we move into the drafting phase. This is there we render a decision based on the facts and prevailing laws.

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